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A Smile Today Gift Box

A Smile Today Gift Box

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FREE Shipping Worldwide over $99
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Send someone you love a Smile Today! Our smiley face gift box is on his way to brighten their day with a fun-filled game, word puzzle cube, puzzle books, silly string, and more.

And to keep their energy up while they have all their fun we've even included a variety of everyone's favorite snacks too. A great gift for any younger person on your mind today.

What's in the Basket:
Playskool doodle pad
Children's board game (assortments include checkers, chutes & ladders, Bingo)
Annoying & Gross Songs CD for Kids with activity book
Silly string
Word jumble puzzle cube game
Miniature hopping & popping bombs
Finger bowling game
Smiley face kickball
Lifesaver Gummies
Crackers Jacks popcorn
Goldfish crackers
Fruit roll-ups
Ring pop candy
Circus clown ball
Grandmas cream cookies
Smiley face gift tote.

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Perishable: No
Delivery: 2-5 days within the USA

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