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Mofajang Hair Color Wax

Mofajang Hair Color Wax

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FREE Shipping Worldwide over $99
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One-time dyeing, natural styling
Natural matte, leave your hair fresh and natural
Easy washing, easy coloring, and no damaged hair
Long time styling, make your hair glossy, unique, and personality
Natural ingredients without heavy metal
Easy to create a stylish avant-garde hairstyle

Product information:

This hair wax is made from all-natural ingredients without heavy metals. It can easy washing, easy coloring, and no damage hair, make your hair glossy, unique, and personality for a long time. Suitable for special make-up and daily use.


1. Wash your hair and dry it to 80%.
2. Place a finger full of hair wax on the palm and spread a bit
3. Use that on one section of the hair which needs coloring
4. Plan the section of hair with white highlights or apply the wax on the entire head
5. Wash easily once used.

INGREDIENTS: Water, beeswax, Brazilian palm wax, cetyl stearyl alcohol, glycerol extract, tea extract, etc.


1 x Hair color wax


Production License: 20170168
Item Type: Hair Color
NET WT: 120g
Color: Over 7 colors to pick from

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