ICC Cricket World Cup 2019

100% Genuine Cricket Fan Kits

seasonBlack officials were the first to reveal the official Bangladesh Cricket Team Jersey for Cricket World Cup 2019 and its followers were the very first ones to witness the launch.

The Tiger's supporters on/off the field can have the luxury of a supporter's Unisex Hoodies in all Bangladeshi colours.

seasonBlack, the official Jersey retailer of Bangladesh Cricket Team, will market all the varieties. We encourage all Bangladesh cricket fans to order their 100% genuine Team Jersey and apparels earlier to avoid any disappointments on stock issues and delivery in time before our first match in June 2019.

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Support our favourite cricket team in style and comfort in this ICC T20 CWC event in Australia with our functional fan gear by keeping the weather in mind

Special Thanks to all tiger supporters and congratulations to the first 50 fans to register your interest to grab our special offer! We are overwhelmed with the interests you have shown us so far. We apologize in advance of not being able to offer the same benefits who registered their interests beyond the first 50 fans. We will still encourage you to register your email address for other bundle offers that will be delivered straight to your mailbox. 

Benefit for the first 50 fans only: 
- Receive your order before anyone else 
- Receive a 10% discount on your first order
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