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Which Watch Goes With Which Outfit?

There are a few clothing items and accessories that we call the showstoppers, i.e., the ones that finish off a look. You can not always look your best if you don't have these accessories on you. One such accessory is a watch. Watches have been in fashion since the time it got the shape of a wearable thing and are still in style and probably will always be.

You may not benefit from reading an article based on watches more than this time as the romantic Valentines Day is approaching, and there won't be a better gift than the CRANN watches by that they produce in Ireland with love! These accessories hold value primarily because they are not only for style but show us time as well. Even though most of us don't see the time through watches anymore, the essence is still there. 

So let us see how you can pair up your watch with your outfit to make it a pair made in heaven!

1.Match Your Outfit Formality With That of Your Watch

This is an evergreen rule of matching your watch with the outlook of your clothes. Just have an assessment of how formal your dress is and then determine which formal watch level will go well with your dress. A few types of watches are dress, dive, pilot, and field. You can match your dress according to your outfit and make it look the best.  

2.Also, Match The Formality of Your Dress With The Watch Strap

Once you are aware of the general types of watches that also go well with your formal outfits, you will narrow down things and simplify them according to the outfit you got. The leather bands on watches are considered formal, whereas the metal bands are less. Brown leather is considered less formal than the black one. 

3.Leather Looks Well on Leather

Having a watch with a leather band will make you move towards your shoes' color and material to match the watchband. First, match your belt and your shows, and then match them both with the watch you are pairing with. 

4.Metal Complements Metal

Moving towards the metal watches and their bands. The bands of watches come in materials of steel, gold, platinum, titanium, and silver. The color that the watch's Metal has must go well with the metal accents in other accessories you are wearing. This may include your rings, shoe buckles, cuff links, and belt buckles. This was all of your accessories would be Metal shaded, i.e., silver or gold.  

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These were a few suggestions you can follow to match your outfit with that of your watches perfectly. But no matter what style you are looking for, an all in one option will always be the Wooden Watches. They are timeless and beautiful and perfect to match any outfit for any occasion. Looking for an updated watch that has style and is timeless? has got you all backed up with their new collection.

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